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The Wine tastings have become wine pairing

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the people coming out to Restoration Kitchen & Wine in Torrance lately. A couple weeks ago my friends and colleagues Greg and Wes invited me to come to their restaurant and do some wine tastings on their “slow days” it would give me time to figure what I’d be serving. It’s really become a wine pairing! I’m always asking customers what they’ll be eating; we generally have enough different wines for me to pair properly with food and make that bridge to full food & wine enjoyment. 
I want to thank all the friends of mine who’ve been coming out, those that follow my vlogs and blogs, the Yelpers and people from Instagram. Thank you all for packing the place and enjoying good fresh made food. See you soon. Cheers!


Wine tasting and Wine Pairings.

The owners (Greg & Wes), of Restoration Kitchen & WINE have made this relaxed, casual but very nice wine bar, my wine tasting home! Come in Monday through Wednesday (occasionally thursdays for a private group), between 5-8pm-closes at 9pm (it’s okay to come in late-right at 5 or 6 is difficult for some) and enjoy wines of the world! Seating is limited, so the earlier the better. Reservations are always welcomed. Cheers!

Warm heat lamps on the patio looking into Restoration. Very comfortable!

Better, Cleaner, Not so Shady!

As most have wondered what’s been going on, I’ve moved wine tasting to a better facility without the shady looking place! Lol… The Lomita location had a an absent owner and a general manager who went back to frozen foods and microwaves from the fresh food and made to order system I had put in place. 
Carter Luxury Wine is now at our new home in Old Town Torrance with a vibrant emerging foodie area. All nearby restaurants knowing to provide people with clean environments and fresh made to order food! Our new home is at a place whom I started helping out with their wine program and wine tastings a year ago. 
Wine tastings will be from 5pm to 8pm (closes at 9) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for now, at; Restoration Kitchen & WINE 1437 Marcelina Ave. Torrance, CA. 90501. We’re building a bigger facility that will focus on Wine & Cheese plates.  During wine tastings, you will enjoy 20% discount on any & all foods on the menu (during the wine tasting hours only-while attending wine tasting). 
Seating is limited, so reservations are encouraged (about 20 people at any one time) but not necessary. I’ll see you there and I know you’ll enjoy the new food & wine experience. Cheers! 

Wine members and exclusive wine tasting time list.

Hey guys and gals, most of you I’ve met personally and I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you somehow or another. Being a winemaker and trying to keep a wine tasting room open takes a little bit of a toll. I ran into an issue last week which has me thinking about taking care of valued customers.
If you’re interested in becoming a wine member, or curious on what’s involved with being a wine member, please email and let me know you’d like to be on our exclusive wine tasting list. Which for one, includes prime times for wine tasting, as seating is already limited and getting to the point of reservations only. I hope to hear from everyone. It doesn’t cost you anything to be added or to inquire. 

 (714)308-2268 or email at


Chef Koji, has some good items on the menu to enjoy.

Episode #6

Unedited, Uncut, Unfiltered… Pinot Noir’s.

Showing the capsule of the bottle, explaining why I open the way I do.

I’ve been doing a lot of white wines lately, so I figured I’d do some Pinot Noir’s. A good wine for just about any day. 

Watch your thumbs!

These are a few captures from Episode #6 of wine tasting.

Showing the cork while in the bottle. Come in a ask why I open wine the way I do. Or follow us on Facebook or YouTube.

There’s truly nothing more enjoyable to me than smelling wine. Each and every one of them is never the same. They all have a story. Cheers!

Come in for a wine tasting; even better set a reservation so we can talk and discuss what’s going on in the world and the wines the terroir create. Cheers! 

24503 Narbonne Ave. Lomita, CA. 

I can always be found at the wine bar, if you’re not interested in the Saké & Shochu in the Lounge, come over and enjoy a glass or two paired with some great Japanese food by Chef Koji. Cheers!