Wine tasting at Chez Melange

I had a wonderful evening of enjoying wines of the world at Chez Melange in Redondo Beach. It was a night of class Old World vs. New World wines; We don’t always win, but when “New World” wins, its a hands down achievement. I’m just happy to see California at some of the forefront of winemaking.

Chez Melange has brought under its umbrella, besides BOUZY GASTROPUB (which kind of has the look and feel of the TV hit series show of yesteryear “Cheers”) has brought SEA CHANGE and OYSTER BAR online. Last night, I was in the private room for wine tasting and no surprise was a great night of good appetizers, and delicious wines. I like that the Host brought in facts about the wine and we could deduce our own ideas of taste and smells. A great place to go and enjoy some wine and different facets of food. I spoke very briefly with Michael, one of the owners of Chez and hopefully I’ll be working some Somm events in the future. It keeps my brain sharp, and if I want to keep ongoing to my Master Sommelier goal, I must work the floor at a restaurant, or I’m done! Check the place out regardless, I’ve been going for years and never disappointed.



An interview I did with VoyageLA Magazine last month. Went in print today! 

The magazine itself is I think $6, but free online. A lot to do in greater Los Angeles.  Click the link below to go straight to the article!