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The taste of French and Californian wines

Discover the amazing tasting of Pinot Noir from where they’ve started in Burgundy, alongside their American counterparts. Enjoy a guided comparative tasting by a knowledgeable Sommelier. Learn the differences of soil types and different climate that contribute to the wines unique tastes. Pinot is just one example. We’ll have an experience awaiting you and your family and friends. Cheese plate included. Available by-appointment. 7-10 … Read More The taste of French and Californian wines

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We do not remember time. We remember moments in time.

Wine Tasting in Los Angeles & Orange County

Hey everyone, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Life has gotten a little busy and I had been working on my other social media places like instagram (#jaycartermedia) and my podcast that you should be listening to although it is explicit as in yes we cuss as adults do (Wine, Spirits, Cigars and Anything Else). ♦The snake in the … Read More Wine Tasting in Los Angeles & Orange County

Tomorrow’s Podcast!

I’ll be having an interesting guest on my podcast tomorrow (Monday) at 1PM. We’ll be trying some interesting scotches and maybe a surprise red wine. My surprise guest is going to be talking about entrepreneurship and how he’s elevated many people and companies. You can call in and give your viewpoints or ask some questions. Email at;  Leave your name, number, and what … Read More Tomorrow’s Podcast!

Wines of Dave Phinney

1995 was the beginning of Orin Swift Cellars. On a whim, David Swift Phinney took an offer and went to Italy (Florence). David was introduced to wine, and how it was made. Phinney to a job at the Robert Mondavi Winery in 1997 as a temp harvest worker. The wine bug had definitely set in with a vicious bite! Orin Swift Cellars was started … Read More Wines of Dave Phinney

Washington Wine

In 1981, there were 19 wineries. Today, there are more than 900. The “Evergreen State” is the second largest wine producer in the United States. Over the past seven years, nearly fifty percent of Washington State wines reviewed by Wine Spectator received scores of 90 points or higher. Sixteen hours average sunlight per day, about one more hour than California’s prime growing region. Washington … Read More Washington Wine

Wine of the Northwest

Whats interesting to note, is up until a few years ago, nobody was taking Oregon and Washington wines seriously. We didn’t notice the parallel of the region with France. People didn’t think the “terroir” could compete with the rest of the world. Now, people are being taken back by the fruit forward, but more complex wine that is coming out. Estates like Drouhin who … Read More Wine of the Northwest


Bordeaux; drinking for the now…

I’m not going to be too detailed on this, because there are 60 appellations or different areas with kind of distinct wine styles in Bordeaux. Bordeaux’s name actually originates from the French phrase “au bord de l’eau”, which means “along the water”. Its not just some romantic name–the area does actually lie along the banks of three rivers, the Dordogne in the north, the … Read More Bordeaux; drinking for the now…

New Zealand and Australian Wines

My typical Monday evening consists of gathering with close friends and trying some affordable drinkers, as in wine. Yes, I think you can drink wine daily. Modern times and commercialism haven’t made this quite possible, but a glass or two an evening, and you’re only looking at a couple bottles a week. It’s not obscene to enjoy your evening and possibly extend some health … Read More New Zealand and Australian Wines

Knowing when to hold’m, knowing when to fold’m

Hey guys and gals, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted last. I deleted quite a bit of content. I was going to open a wine location in the city of Torrance, but as I kept doing more and more to open business; and I was being asked to do other social media for other companies.. It has been fun and I realized, … Read More Knowing when to hold’m, knowing when to fold’m

Wine tasting at Chez Melange

I had a wonderful evening of enjoying wines of the world at Chez Melange in Redondo Beach. It was a night of class Old World vs. New World wines; We don’t always win, but when “New World” wins, its a hands down achievement. I’m just happy to see California at some of the forefront of winemaking. Chez Melange has brought under its umbrella, besides … Read More Wine tasting at Chez Melange

An interview I did with VoyageLA Magazine last month. Went in print today! 

The magazine itself is I think $6, but free online. A lot to do in greater Los Angeles.  Click the link below to go straight to the article!