I’ve worked with vineyards to bring you some delicious wine. Wine from both France and the United States. Whether you prefer white wine, red wine, or a blend of both. You’ll be able to have 1,3,6 heck 12 wines sent directly to your house. Deliveries can be made every month, or every couple of months, the choice is really on how much you entertain friends, do you and your household drink 1 bottle of wine a week? (Generally 4 pours per bottle-750ml). If you’re interested or would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact me below.

Deliveries are made by GSO or UPS, so you know it’ll be delivered on time. We can ship to 47 states!

My job is to make a good judgment and selection, your job is to sit back and enjoy your company and wine. Cheers!


Master Sommelier Fred Dame, Court of Masters, also in the movie found on Netflix; Somm, Into the Bottle, and upcoming Somm3. Sommelier Jay Carter,PhD. Court of Masters, WSET3 of wine WSET2 of spirits. 

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