I’ll be having an interesting guest on my podcast tomorrow (Monday) at 1PM. We’ll be

trying some interesting scotches and maybe a surprise red wine. My surprise guest is going to be talking about entrepreneurship and how he’s elevated many people and companies. You can call in and give your viewpoints or ask some questions. Email at; JayWineLa@gmail.com  Leave your name, number, and what basic question (s) you’d like to ask. Keep it to three please!  I’ll have to pick a few out, so make them interesting!

The podcast is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and about 15 other great places!

“Jay Carters – Wine, Cigars, and everything else!”.

black recordering microphone

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


If you have something you’d like to discuss and would like to book some time with me. Contact us!

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