Hey guys and gals, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted last. I deleted quite a bit of content. I was going to open a wine location in the city of Torrance, but as I kept doing more and more to open business; and I was being asked to do other social media for other companies.. It has been fun and I realized, I actually had some talent! lol. So it was the beginning of Carter Reserve Marketing (Instagram #JayCarterMedia). I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve started a company and lucky to already have customers. I’m still drinking wine and rating them for the day to day drinker. I’m all for the big stuff once and awhile. But I absolutely love finding those gems out there that go with our everyday foods in Los Angeles. I just got a little occupied getting everything together, and really should enhance the wine side of things.

So, back to the theme… As things seem to fall apart with my wine venture – I started to notice how many people actually enjoyed seeing my failures. I was literally privy to listening to a conversation the back room boys had about me at Bo’s cigar lounge. In front of me, they’d never talk to me the way I heard them talk. I also am going to go off script here and say; “I’D LOVE FOR ANY OF YOU BO’S GUYS TO SAY WHAT YOU’VE SAID TO MY FACE”. Okay, now that’s, out of the way.. lol. Knowing when to hold’m: When you’re going through tough times, a lot of people are around. Try to see past the white noise of “things will get better” and see the ones, who still treat you like a person. Those are your friends and business relationships you want to hold onto. Knowing when to fold’m The guy or girl who used to hug you and treat you as a friend and brother, but now can’t seem to respond to your text message or your calls go straight to voicemail regardless of time of day. That’s the one you dump. Obviously, people have arguments and have “non talking spats” but when you know deep inside, there’s no positivity there… Dump’m! Do it quick.. The quicker you can shuttle a person like that, the faster you can work on positively and move forward with… well.. EVERYTHING! Best thing I ever did was not go back to Bo’s Cigar Lounge in Torrance. I used to be there daily, and I did nothing. Literally saw the same people, listened to the same complaints about their lives and how they would’ve and could’ve, but didn’t.

Thus is life. We move on. I’m sure some of the guys will read this and have more colorful things to say.. My answer… I don’t care. I’m about making things happen for myself and for my clients. I’ll review some wines on Monday night and have something out soon!

Oh yeah, sometimes the Negative Nancy is related to you. It might be your dad, mom, son or daughter. Communicate that you love them, but they need to stay in their lane. Your life is yours to live, we only have one. Stop dreaming of heaven and what might happen, start learning to deal with this gift called life itself. #MakeItHappen

If your business could some help with 2018 economy know how, contact me and see what we can come up with. Cheers!


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Jay Carter, Certified Sommelier and championing for the regular wine drinker!

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