Thanks for the group that showed up for the wine tasting in Old Town Torrance District. It’s always a relaxing area, and working with Natasha from Wine Warehouse and her knowledge of the specific wineries themselves helped me immensely by letting me talk about the wines’ tastes and smells and interact with the guests in teaching more about the wine. Wes of Restoration Food & Wine provided the perfect facility with an open air patio. The evening was warm and no need for heaters. I’m glad Wes took my advice and didn’t assign foods for the table, but let customers choose from the menu and get what they felt like eating. It’s hard for most host’s to let people choose their own foods!

My marketing side, like my website, is horrible! I’m more about the people and the wine. I only took one picture at the end of the evening when people were done eating and already leaving. I didn’t think about photo ops.

If you’re ever interested in hosting a wine tasting event and having me come in as your MC and Sommelier for the evening, don’t hesitate to call or email.


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