As a sommelier, I taste wine and try to catalog the taste, feel, and smells. When a customers comes into an establishment that I’m working; typically they’ll let me know what they do/do not like, if I’m lucky, they’ll let me just choose for them be it conversation wines as well as bridging the wines with the food they’ll be eating.

I also manage private wine cellars for high net worth clients and prominent restaurants that many of you will enjoy in places such as; Beverly Hills, Malibu, and the Newport Coast in Orange County, and of course, the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

In my off time, you will find me in Old Town Torrance working at a small “tapas” style restaurant. Making rounds with customers hoping they’re enjoying some wine or local craft beer. I’m in a joint venture to open a small wine retail spot, so it’s good to be busy in the community. Don’t worry about the tipping though, a few clients have “overtipped” thinking they’re taking care of the servers as well as myself. I’ve had a great friend and customer tip 50% of his bill!, thinking a portion went to me. I’am not a server for Restoration Kitchen & Wine, so please; enjoy the wine I serve you and take care of the servers for the job they do(Only they receive the tips so don’t go crazy! $$), and just come into Torrance Wine Cellars when we open and hang out for a bit!

Like many others, I enjoy all types of wine. What I enjoy most about it, is the moments you’re sharing with other people. Sometimes complete strangers, but during that time people seem to become more cohesive. With all the politics going on currently, I try to keep my own believes to myself, and try to enjoy moments, not the time. I hope you will do the same.

You’re more than welcome to contact my anytime in regards to wine. As I’m never sure where I’ll be exactly, please email me at;

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