Hey guys and gals, most of you I’ve met personally and I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you somehow or another. Being a winemaker and trying to keep a wine tasting room open takes a little bit of a toll. I ran into an issue last week which has me thinking about taking care of valued customers.
If you’re interested in becoming a wine member, or curious on what’s involved with being a wine member, please email and let me know you’d like to be on our exclusive wine tasting list. Which for one, includes prime times for wine tasting, as seating is already limited and getting to the point of reservations only. I hope to hear from everyone. It doesn’t cost you anything to be added or to inquire. 

 (714)308-2268 or email at jay.carter@jcarterluxurywine.com


Chef Koji, has some good items on the menu to enjoy.

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