Unedited, Uncut, Unfiltered… Pinot Noir’s.

Showing the capsule of the bottle, explaining why I open the way I do.

I’ve been doing a lot of white wines lately, so I figured I’d do some Pinot Noir’s. A good wine for just about any day. 

Watch your thumbs!

These are a few captures from Episode #6 of wine tasting.

Showing the cork while in the bottle. Come in a ask why I open wine the way I do. Or follow us on Facebook or YouTube.

There’s truly nothing more enjoyable to me than smelling wine. Each and every one of them is never the same. They all have a story. Cheers!

Come in for a wine tasting; even better set a reservation so we can talk and discuss what’s going on in the world and the wines the terroir create. Cheers! 

24503 Narbonne Ave. Lomita, CA. 

I can always be found at the wine bar, if you’re not interested in the Saké & Shochu in the Lounge, come over and enjoy a glass or two paired with some great Japanese food by Chef Koji. Cheers! 

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