Month: April 2017

Wine members and exclusive wine tasting time list.

Hey guys and gals, most of you I’ve met personally and I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you somehow or another. Being a winemaker and trying to keep a wine tasting room open takes a little bit of a toll. I ran into an issue last week which has me thinking about taking care of valued customers. If you’re interested in becoming a wine member, … Read More Wine members and exclusive wine tasting time list.

Episode #6

Unedited, Uncut, Unfiltered… Pinot Noir’s. I’ve been doing a lot of white wines lately, so I figured I’d do some Pinot Noir’s. A good wine for just about any day.  These are a few captures from Episode #6 of wine tasting. Come in for a wine tasting; even better set a reservation so we can talk and discuss what’s going on in the world … Read More Episode #6

Unedited, un-cut, and just plain English. Episode 5…

Here’s a link to watch our Facebook live episode. Press on the link to check out the video. You can follow as well on Facebook under; Carter Luxury Wine… Cheers!